Flat Earth - An Overview

This is the Flat Earth Modern society Podcast, a location or totally free thinkers to debate option science and new or unconventional means of viewing the entire world.

As for your planed Earth? Even the staunchest atheist has got to concede they really feel no movement in any respect as they go with regards to their business upon the Earth. Not that that would necessarily mean Considerably to them.

Hi Eric I owe you an apology.....I didn't understand the extent I had been subliminally brainwashed through the years, and must confess It by no means dawned on me to significantly problem what type of place we survive.

Like they are saying, you might know you are about the goal when you get by far the most flak. I'm sorry to listen to about Max Igan. I like Max. As for The remainder, many thanks for exposing, and carrying out every one of the due diligence. Also, many thanks for maintaining the peddle down on Masonry and Jewry.

Hi Eric I owe you an apology......I hadn't presented much imagined to if the earth is actually a plane plus your posts got me searching into it far more earnestly.......greater to confess getting a parrot for any time than to become a person for one's total lifestyle......

  Matt also A part of his video a number of failed skype phone calls between he and I, which he didn't advise me he was recording, and which dropped each couple seconds/minutes as a consequence of link issues.  In place of enhancing this out, or chalking it up to normal relationship troubles, Matt as an alternative still left every one of the dropped phone calls and claimed in paranoid rants involving every one how "they" don't need us flat Earthers connecting so "they" have been triggering Every single contact to be dropped. 

  Just after successfully co-opting my key terms, she claimed for being purging her team of "anti-semitic" posters, and Despite the fact that I hadn't posted nearly anything but my FE articles or blog posts/videos, kicked me out with no phrase.  Linking the ball Earth deception for the Jews concern is something Matt, Mark, Lori, Jeran and the other shills appear to be desperate to stay clear of.

Ty for telling regarding the flat earth. Very first such theory i was exposed to was Lord steven christ which rightfully you expose for a shill. TY for exposing these shills so i dont really need to squander my time on them.

  To Everybody's shock and amusement, having said that, Acenci and all his sock puppets quickly developed their particular forum from where by they obsessively attempted to infiltrate, criticize, and denounce IFERS, its posts, its customers, and particularly its leaders/administration.  He and his multiple personalities then went on to make and be involved in three even more failed forums, all committed to trashing IFERS.  You can see all of his discussion boards and follow the entire drama right here.  It's got now been in excess of 5 months and Acenci remains to be on-line all day long daily obsessively cataloging, re-putting up and examining/criticizing every single aspect of the IFERS Group.  He has even paid out to get various banners advertizing his forums surface on IFERS.

Thank you for the data on this web page. Although I am even now not certain In any event I happen to be investigating alone and viewed a lot of various videos. It is amusing how I stumbled on this entire flat earth theory as I was trying to debunk statements of a colleague on the existence on the illuminati and Freemason controlling media and our perception of all the things. There is was, a video about flat earth and down the rabbit hole I went. It is a large amount to consider. I am really on may strategy to becoming confident that nasa is actually a hoax.

In this sequence we is going to be dispelling several globularist claims. This 7 days we Consider lunar eclipses from the ball design and utilizing the Parallaxian attitude place forth by Samuel Rowbotham demonstrating the globe earth concept for being incoherent with noticed phenomena. July 31, 2016

This on the web library contains a escalating variety of Flat Earth resources. We've got interviews, newspaper and magazine content together with the most significant assortment of Flat Earth Modern society newsletters on the planet (on line or or else!

In early interviews Mark claimed to possess go through Many of my ebook, but when cornered in afterwards interviews claimed to have NOT examine my guide; He frequently promotes the Orlando Ferguson CONCAVE Earth map as currently being "the most effective flat Earth maps," when it is clearly among the list of worst; He outlined in a single job interview the shillspicious fact that he worked in "Web details-mining for three years"; and he constantly performs having a toy world affront the digital camera in each job interview subconsciously re-implementing the globe model whilst speaking non-feeling regarding the Flat Earth.

Hello Eric I grew up on much rockaway ny, and on obvious days we would have the capacity to see Flat Earth Proof new jersey which had to be 60 miles absent easy.

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